Move Forward MKE supports giving Milwaukee County voters the power to decide if Milwaukee County should be allowed to generate revenue to provide property tax relief, while adequately funding public services, maintaining facilities, and investing in the future through a binding referendum process.

Move Forward MKE is a Milwaukee County-wide coalition of local governments, business leaders, and community leaders who recognize that local problems are best solved with local solutions. This is not about politics, it’s about real solutions for real challenges our County is facing and their impacts on our residents and our region.

Wisconsin municipalities have the 6th highest reliance on property taxes in the country. In contrast, they rank 43rd for reliance on municipal sales taxes.

There is a great need to provide property tax relief to Milwaukee County taxpayers.

  • Milwaukee County relies heavily on property taxes, however, its sales tax is one of the lowest in the country.


There is also a critical need to increase funding for Milwaukee County and its municipalities.

  • As a result, despite significant cuts and efficiencies, the County and its municipalities will no longer be able to maintain facilities, preserve community assets and provide the high-quality services residents have come to expect.


We are asking the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass legislation to allow Milwaukee County voters to decide if Milwaukee County should increase its sales tax by 1% and provide property tax relief.

  • We are not asking the State for more funding, we are asking for the authority to ask our voters, through a binding referendum, if Milwaukee County should increase its sales tax by 1% and provide property tax relief.

  • An additional 1% sales tax would generate around $160 million annually.