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Community Leaders Increase Push for More Revenue
Milwaukee Business Journal, December 2, 2022 



Journal Sentinel Sports Show - March 10-13, 2022

'We're at the most crucial time': With midterms over, Milwaukee leaders reignite push for sales tax
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 17, 2022 

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Milwaukee County Parks are in Peril, and Money to Save Them is Disappearing
WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, February 16, 2022 

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley Cites Successes but Warns of Challenges Ahead in His State of the County Address
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 23, 2022

Discussions Between GOP State Sen. and Milwaukee Leaders Could Offer Way Forward with Pension Crisis Looming
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 1, 2021

Where Did the Playoffs Payoffs Go? It Wasn't to the City
Milwaukee Magazine, October 5, 2021

COVID-19, Structural Deficit Make for Difficult 2022 County Budget
Bay View Compass, October 4, 2021

David Crowley: Double Down on Investment in Milwaukee with Local Option Sales Tax
Wisconsin State Journal, August 2, 2021

Report suggests Wisconsin counties need new revenue sources with drop in state aid
The Cap Times, June 9, 2021

Our County Parks are in Trouble
The Shepherd Express, June 9, 2021

Wisconsin's Local Funding Model Is Broken: Why Milwaukee Struggles to Keep Public Services Running
The Shepherd Express, June 7, 2021

We're Almost There
The Shepherd Express, June 2, 2021

Milwaukee needs support from Madison
Milwaukee Business Journal, May 21, 2021

State lawmakers have disinvested in communities over the years. The mayors of Brookfield and Madison want that to change
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 14, 2021

Budget-writing committee begins work by stripping hundreds of Evers' items out
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 6, 2021

Wisconsin budget battle begins: GOP lawmakers plan to remove 280 items from Gov. Tony Evers' proposal
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 1, 2021

Commentary: Restore local control
BizTimes, March 29, 2021

Don’t give up on sales tax plan
Milwaukee Business Journal, March 12, 2021

Milwaukee business leaders to push for sales tax plan after Assembly Speaker Vos says 'no chance'
Milwaukee Business Journal, March 4, 2021

Let the Smart People Decide on Higher Taxes
Right Wisconsin, March 4, 2021

Republicans in charge of Legislature unlikely to give voters the option of raising their sales tax
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 3, 2021

Milwaukee Officials Stress Importance of Increased Local Revenue at Joint Finance Hearing
WUWM 89.7 April 22, 2021

Milwaukee Leaders Warn of Dire Future Without Shared Revenue, Sales Tax Increases
Wisconsin Public Radio, April 21, 2021

Lawmakers should support sales tax plan
Milwaukee Business Journal, February 26, 2021

Editorial: Wisconsin should break its dependence on property taxes
The Journal Times, February 25, 2021

Facts support local sales tax option
Milwaukee Business Journal, February 19, 2021

Sales Tax Proposal Would Increase Revenue Diversification, Support Local Communities
Urban Milwaukee, February 12, 2021

WCA Applauds Governor Evers' Sales Tax Option
Wisconsin Counties Association, February 12, 2021

MMAC Encourages Support for Evers Sales Tax Proposal 
Wis Business, February 12, 2021

League Supports Local Finance Option
The Wheeler Report, February 12, 2021

Greater Milwaukee Committee Voices Support for Needed Tax Reform
Wispolitics, February 12, 2021

Evers Recommends Letting Voters Raise Sales Tax
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 12, 2021

Steve Scafidi interview with Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley
620 WTMJ, August 21, 2020

Wisconsin Policy Forum report underscores broken budget system
Urban Milwaukee, October 9, 2020

Opinion: Racial disparity is holding back the entire Milwaukee region. Here are three ways we could help.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 25, 2020

Milwaukee County sales tax referendum proposal gets hearing in Madison
BizTimes, March 5, 2020

Greater Milwaukee Committee board back sales tax referendum
BizTimes, November 14, 2019

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Segment: Brookfield & Madison support
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The mayors of Madison and Brookfield want lawmakers to reinvest in communities. Here's why they are working together.
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