Take Action

As the coalition continues negotiations behind the scenes, we ask that you lend your voice in support of a solution to our fiscal crises. Identify and contact your state legislators to indicate your support for Move Forward MKE and the eventual solution that we will endorse.

In your conversation, consider the following messages:

  • As [position title] for [company name], this is an issue that is important to me, my business and my employees.
  • In particular, I am concerned about the long-term economic health of the region and our ability to recruit and retain employees.
  • The basic quality of life services my employees look for in a community are threatened due to funding - including public safety - and it is impacting my ability to grow my business.
  • Milwaukee needs control over its financial future and that can only happen with your support.
  • I am asking for your support of a sales tax for Milwaukee to help us leverage locally-created revenue to fund our local priorities.
  • As the legislative session gets underway, I wanted to be sure you were aware of my priorities and our goal to have a solution.
  • I sincerely appreciate your willingness to have this discussion, and I look forward to continuing this conversation throughout the session. 

Consider sharing personal anecdotes that demonstrate how important services like transportation, public safety, and housing are to your business / employees and how sustained funding for those services would positively impact your business / employees and generate more economic activity.

Contact information for your legislator can be found at myvote.wi.gov/en-us/My-Elected-Officials